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Q: I don’t have any basic background in music. Can I enroll for class?

Yes, you can. We can teach you from the foundation of music until it is met your satisfaction.

Q: On which age range will the course suitable for?

Our lessons are suitable for all genders and all ages. We also have adult music course.

Q: I’m interested in taking Japanese sword class. Is it dangerous?

Certainly not! We practice with a wooden sword. Our courses can help you discover and increase the coordination between your mind and body.

Q: Do you have a music grade exam?  What kind of systems are you using?

Yes,Trinity grade exams are offered in both traditional classics and pop&rock target application.

Q: Do you offer English-language music lessons?

Yes, we do offer class teaching in English.

Q: Do I need to purchase my own musical instrument right away?

No, you wouldn't need to get your own instrument right away. However, owning your personal instrument is recommended for the best results from your course because you will be able to master your music on a constant basis. 

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